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Want to go back to school?

Got an idea to try in your classroom?

Interested in professional development?

Thought about attending an NCTM conference?

 ICTM can support you!

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Testimonials from Grant Recipients

Conference Grant

ICTM offers two grants each year of up to $800 each to encourage and support a certified mathematics teacher in attending an NCTM regional or national conference.

Conference Grant Information (.pdf/Acrobat)
Conference Grant Information (.doc/MS Word)

Curriculum Grant

ICTM offers three grants of up to $500 each year to encourage and support the efforts of individual or teams of certified mathematics teaching staff in the development and implementation of innovative teaching strategies or projects in the field of mathematics.

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Curriculum Grant Information (.doc/MS Word)

Advanced Tuition Grant

ICTM offers two grants of up to $500 each to support an ICTM member who is pursuing education related to mathematics education and/or mathematics teaching.

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Advanced tuition Grant Information (.doc/MS Word)

Extracurricular Mathematics Grant

ICTM offers four grants of up to $250 each to encourage extracurricular mathematics involvement for students.

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Extracurricular Mathematics Grant Information (.doc/MS Word)


Past Grant Recipients