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2024 Professional Learning Series

Math Fact Fluency Workshop

Required Materials: Math Fact Fluency  by Jennifer Bay-Williams

Zoom links will be sent in advance for each session. 

Note: The sessions will only be available live. Recorded links will not be available.

For those interested, an optional asynchronous book study will occur alongside the online sessions. Recertification credit will be available for an additional $65. Understand that attendance at the online sessions and completing assignments for the book study will be required to receive the credit. Details about the recertification credit and directions to register will be given during the online sessions.

Registration is limited to 30 people.

January 9
The ‘Basics’ of Effective Basic Fact Fluency Instruction

We can do better than we have traditionally done to ensure every child learns and retains their basic facts! This session introduces fundamentals that must be in place if we are to make this a reality!

January 23
A Games-based, Strategy-focused Fluency Plan:
Part 1: Foundational Facts

The sequence we use for learning facts matters! Today, we will explore all the Foundational Fact Sets. Join in as we explore visuals and stories to highlight number relations, play games that provide enjoyable and meaningful practice, and examine a collection of useful assessment tools for determining when these fact sets are learned.

February 13
A Games-based, Strategy-focused Fluency Plan:
Part 2: Derived Fact Fluency

This session picks up where the last one left off – students have learned their foundational fact sets and now are ready to learn reasoning strategies to master the remaining facts! In this session you will learn to prepare paired stories and quick looks to help students make sense of strategies, engage in more games, and explore useful ways to assess facts and strategies.

February 27
Engaging Families in Fact Fluency

There are many ways to engage with families so that they understand your fact fluency plan and so that they can support it. In this session, we will explore ideas for Back-to-School nights, homework, and other strategies for helping your families help their children master the facts.

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