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2023-2024 Professional Learning Series

Math Identity

September 19
Math Therapy: A Crash Course in Becoming a Math Therapist

Did you know that anyone who thinks they're "not a math person" typically has math trauma they haven't worked through? Ready to dig deep? This crash course in math therapy is for you! Through teaching math we can empower students to believe they are capable of anything and that everything is possible - starting with math. Add "Math Therapy" to your list of teachable and change the lives of your students far beyond the classroom!

October 19
Embracing the Powerful Role of Failure in Math Class

What do Lizzo, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Steven King, Michael Jordan....and Albert Einstein have in common? They all faced massive amounts of failure before getting to where they are today! Let's be real. Fear of failure is one of the biggest reasons that so many students have math anxiety. It prevents students from asking questions, speaking up in class, and even supporting their peers. But one thing no one talks about is this: most mathematicians and scientists in real life get paid to fail! ln this workshop we will explore the powerful role of failure in math class and how you can harness it to inspire your students to embrace failure in math class - and in real life!

November 20
Become a Life-changing Math Teacher: The 5 Most Valuable Things You Can Teach Your Students!

Math can be soul crushing. Believing you can't do math leads to a lack of confidence, hopelessness & many tears! This session will turn you into a life-changing math teacher that inspires students to see themselves as capable of ANYTHING - even math!

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Access & Equity

August 16
The Big “E” in the Room

In this session, we will talk about what is equity and how it became a topic of discussion in the way of education. We will discuss the history of education, along with various laws that affected that history which led to equitable practices being embedded in the classroom. We will discuss various ways to address issues of equity in the math classroom, as well as assure that all attendees are comfortable with what equity really is when faced with misconceptions and underlying societal views that could affect student achievement.

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October 16
Math Identity: Can I really do Math?

This deals with students who struggle with low confidence in the math classroom. In this webinar teachers will be provided with strategies for building mathematical identities of learners while helping them defeat anxiety they may have during productive struggle. Teachers will learn tips for building mathematical discourse for all learners while helping them see themselves in the math.

January TBD
Building relationships: I don’t like math and I don’t like you!

In this session teachers will learn how to connect with students from all backgrounds through relationship building. Teachers will be equipped with strategies for culturally responsive teaching, ice breaker strategies and communication skills that will help break down existing barriers while establishing trust with leaners. Students will be convinced that their math class is a safe place for them that they belong and are celebrated in the classroom.

Equity in Action: Hitting the Ground Running with Equitable Practices

In this webinar, leaders will build upon their knowledge of what equity is as well as understand how leaders across equity approach implementing equitable practices in the classroom. Further, we will discuss concrete strategies needed to build upon equitable practices and discuss evidence needed to confirm that instruction is not leaving any child behind. We will address any concerns or questions from leaders that are specific to their state/district needs to best equip them to hit the ground running with equitable practices in the math classroom. (If you are able, please gather any questions from teachers across the state that could be addressed during this webinar).

Basic Fact Fluency

Graham Fletcher has served in education as a classroom teacher, math instructional lead, and currently as a math specialist.  His work with the math progressions and problem-based lessons has led him to present throughout North America and beyond.

Graham is continually advocating for best practice in elementary mathematics by seeking new and innovative ways to support students and teachers in their development of conceptual understanding. He is a coauthor of Building Fact Fluency: A Toolkit for Addition and Subtraction.

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