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Basketball Data Analytics Battles

A conversation with Rick SPellerberg & Valorie Zonnefeld

ICTM hosted a Zoom conversation with Rick Spellerberg and Valorie Zonnefeld for the Basketball Data Analytics Battles on Monday, April 19, 2021. 

Rick Spellerberg, founder of the nonprofit the Iowa Center for Interdisciplinary Training, has sponsored the Basketball Data Analytics Battles for 4 years now. The grades 6-12 competition ties in with the NCAA Basketball Tournament and introduces students and teachers to the world of Data Analytics.  Using statistics produced by the qualifying teams, students develop algorithms to identify a list of 10 teams predicted to excel in the tournament.  A scoring system is in place that evaluates the success of the predictions.     

Dordt University, through the promotional efforts of Valorie Zonnefeld has contributed to the success of the competition from the beginning.  Drake University and DMACC have hosted pre and post competition conferences that provided information on careers related to Data Analytics.  Each year a team of students enrolled in the Waukee APEX program build a scoring platform for the competition.

Watch the Zoom meeting here  and don't forget to visit the March Madness Data Analytics Battle website and watch the video  about the Battle! 

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