June 2022 Government Update by Ji Yeong I and Maryann Huey

1 Jun 2022 7:36 AM | Wendy Weber (Administrator)

Welcome to the final update on Iowa’s education-related legislation priorities and movement for 2022.

This bill was signed into law since our last update:

  • “English Learners” wording and services  SF2128  This bill changes terminology from “limited English proficiency” to “English learners” and also extends services for English learners from five to seven years. This bill has been passed by the Senate and the House Effective July 1, 2022.

The following bills were passed and await signature from the governor:
  • Teacher preparation program changes and end-of-program assessment: HF2081- Along with a number of small changes to practicum hour requirements (80 in total for teacher preparation programs, 50 hours for teacher intern programs, and 10 required before being admitted to a teacher education program), this bill omits the need for national or local assessments such as EdTPA, PPAT, or Praxis for initial licensure. Prospective teachers still need to meet all program requirements in order to apply for initial licensure. All teacher preparation programs must notify past students who failed to meet licensure requirements of these changes, so that they can apply for initial licensure if they choose to do so.
  • Open-enrollment changes  HF2589 - Parents are now able to open-enroll their children to other districts at any point in time. Receiving districts must accept the students’ enrollment if  they have classroom capacity and if the request will not jeopardize a school district’s court-ordered desegregation efforts.
With the Legislature adjourned, we are now in the 30 day signing window, meaning the Governor has until June 24 to take action on legislation sent to her desk.

The following notable bill did not pass:

  • SF2081 - Disbursements from computer science professional development incentive fund. Unfortunately, funds awarded in fiscal year 21-22 cannot be used in 22-23. However, the funds for computer science professional development are not impacted by this bill.

The below bills did not pass and consist largely of items that would undermine trust in public education, provide scholarships for students to attend private schools, and allow individuals to substitute-teach without pay.

  • SF2356 - Volunteer substitute teachers
  • SF2364 - Dissemination of certain materials, prohibition of materials in schools, civil actions, penalties
  •  SF2369 (HF2498, HF2577) - Governor’s education omnibus bills, Senate (House) versions.
  • SF2377 - Teach Iowa scholarship grants, licenses issued by the BoEE, district management levy
  • SF2205 - Rights of students enrolled in public schools, parents.

Have a wonderful summer! 
Maryann and Ji-Yeong

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