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"What do you love most about going back to school?"

What do you love most? Share here and we'll post your responses.

One of my favorite things about going back to school is seeing the excitement of the students and staff to start a new year. Most of my classes are a clean slate since I haven't had those students before. It's refreshing to start over and get to know my students.

That feeling of a fresh new start and everything is possible! Building relationships with a new group of students and deepening their love of math!!

From my first day of kindergarten to the present, I have AlWAYS loved school! I can't wait to get to know and build relationships with my students. As an elementary teacher, I am responsible for all subjects, but math is my favorite! It's exciting when a student's curiosity is sparked, sense making and reasoning are uncovered, and discoveries are made through problem-based lessons.

Routine! I love summer with my family and getting to do many things that we don’t get to do during the school year, but the structure and routine of getting back to school is so good for all of us!!

The thing I love most about going back to school is being back in a schedule.

Getting to know a new group of people. There is always excitement and the feeling of a new beginning.

I love the excitement and energy of meeting new students! I make the finding of their seats the first day a puzzle that for them to solve collaboratively and look forward to the conversation and problem solving coming out in that first day activity as well. And, new markers, pens, and sticky nots pads, we can't forget about that! The beginning of the year is probably the only time all year that my entire room is neat and organized :-)

Meeting new students.

The excitement of a new year!

Working with teachers and students...I love their smiling faces and excitement about the year to come!

I absolutely LOVE the enthusiasm of the students--they are so excited for their next adventure!

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