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Approve the the 2020 Constitution and Bylaws (approved by the Executive Board in June 2020).

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constitution contains the fundamental guiding principles of an organization and the bylaws provide rules for how it is to function. Periodically, we must take the time to examine our guiding principles, how we function now, and how we want to function in the future. Part of this process involves examining best organizational practices and healthy organizations’ constitution and bylaws. As we did so, we needed to be willing to critically examine our own principles and rules for functioning and be emboldened to suggest changes for the good of ICTM.

Over the course of time, incremental changes have been made to our Constitution and Bylaws causing them to become unaligned with current practice, unaligned with organizational best practices, rough, and disorganized. Since an organization’s constitution and bylaws say much about the health of an organization, we proposed undertaking the task of thoroughly reviewing, reorganizing, and suggesting changes to the Board’s principles, organization, and operation.

A Constitution and By-Laws Committee was created at the June 2019 Executive Board meeting to bring to the February 2020 Executive Board meeting revisions to the constitution and bylaws with approval by the ICTM membership by November 2020.  

As the committee began the review of ICTM’s Constitution and Bylaws, they first determined what principles they would use to guide them in the revision process as they suggested changes to principles, organization, and operation.

Guiding Principles: 
The newly drafted Constitution and Bylaws should

  • maintain the integrity and character of ICTM.
  • reflect what is best for the organization, not any one position.
  • align with current practices (where possible).
  • model best practices.
  • be robust (changes to both should be infrequent).
  • be clear, focused, and concise.

The process used for the newly drafted Constitution and Bylaws should

  • be transparent so that it is clear what changes are recommended.
  • include explanations for substantive changes.

To help identify where items from the 2017 version were moved in the 2020 version, we included notes on ICTM’s 2017 Constitution and Bylaws. The abbreviations below show what was done with line items:

  • “Const.” (item moved to the 2020 Constitution)
  • “Bylaws” (item moved to the 2020 Bylaws)
  • “Removed” (item was not retained)
  • “Handbook” (item was moved to the 2020 Handbook)
  • No note on an item means it was retained (and edited/updated) in a similar Article in the 2020 version

When items were retained and moved to the Constitution or Bylaws, they were edited for conciseness and clarity. Sometimes one item became two, sometimes two items became one. Many times items were moved from the Constitution to the Bylaws and vice versa. Thus, it is not possible to do a line-by-line comparison between the 2017 version and the 2020 version. Items that are substantive changes are explained in the comments of the 2017 version (if an item was not retained). 

The 2020 Constitution and Bylaws was approved by the Executive Board at the February 2020 Executive Board meeting.  The 2020 Executive Board Handbook was approved by the Executive Board at the June 2020 Executive Board meeting.

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