New ICTM Events for June


Just a few things that might interest you for this summer!

New Events

  1. Join our book study (June 14, 21, 28, July 6, 12 from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.) on Seven Doors In by Beth Rondeau (an Iowa educator!) which details Beth's journey over three years teaching men in a maximum security prison. What can we do to help our neediest students before it is too late? Registration is required, but the event is free! One licensure credit will be offered to interested participants.

  2. Consider registering for the 100% online course for math teachers. This course provides licensure renewal credits for teachers about teaching math for Emergent Bilinguals (ELLs). For more information, see flyer #1 and flyer #2

  3. The June Government Update by Ji Yeong I and Maryann Huey is ready. Read about recently passed legislation affecting education in Iowa.

  4. Know anyone starting their first year of teaching PK-12 mathematics this fall? Have them apply for our Marilyn Zweng First Year Teacher Grant. We are awarding up to 30 (yes, thirty!) grants of $200 - $250 to qualifying teachers. Applications are due August 15.
  5. Check out all our grants and watch the NCTM & ICTM Grant Writing video that highlights ways to use grant money. Grants include support for conferences, curriculum development, extra-curricular events, and advanced tuition. Applications are due June 30 & August 31.  

  1. Do you have resources for data science?  We'd love to share them on our website.  Email us your ideas. 

  2. Did you let your ICTM membership lapse?  Now is a great time to rejoin. It's also a great time to talk to your colleagues about joining ICTM. Remember, we offer individual memberships but also institutional memberships for elementary schools.

Do you have ideas for future emails, professional development activities, or website and social media posts? We'd love to hear from you; contact us at one of our email addresses.


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