ICTM Newsletter for December 2022

Best Wishes as We Near the End of the Year!

Executive Board Changes

  1. We would like to express our deepest thanks to the Executive Board members whose terms are expiring December 31. Each of them have given many, many hours of service to helping ICTM further its mission and goals.

    • Marty Beck (Bettendorf CSD)
    • Mike Bevelacqua (Iowa City CSD)
    • Jordan Edgerly (Waukee CSD)
    • Caitlyn Gilbert (UNI student)
    • Vicki Hamdorf (retired)
    • Ji-Yeong I (ISU)
    • Sarah Martin (Shenandoah, CSD)
    • Chandra McMahon (Humboldt CSD)
    • Lori Mueller (Great Prairie AEA)
    • Suzanne Riehl (UNI)
  2. Thank you to everyone that voted in our Executive Board elections. Pease join us in congratulating our new Board members:

    • Kristin Grotewold (Waukee CSD), President Elect
    • Kimberly Conner (UNI), Post-Secondary Representative
    • Kevin Bogert (Keokuk CSD), Middle Grades Representative
Thank you for your service to the mathematics education community - we couldn't do it without you!

News & Events 

  1. ICTM would love to have members volunteer to join a committee and help with the ongoing work of our organization. Committees are being formed for 2023 now, so sign up here!

  2. Turn your equations and graphs into art and prizes! The Desmos Global Math Art Contest is BACK with some exciting changes. Entries are due by January 15, 2023. Learn more here.

  3. "In 1992, Mattel released a talking Barbie doll that among other statements told young girls, “Math class is tough.” There was a public outcry and the affronted purchasers were given the option to swap the doll for one sans the offending message. But the assumption that math is a mysterious and uniquely difficult subject that is accessible to some but not all learners lives on. "Read more about "Math Myths: Researchers Debunk Common Misconceptions " (2017) here.

  4. Our first Math Community Circle discussion was a great success! We have more dates planned to keep the conversations going! Join us for Building Thinking Classrooms and implementing Illustrative Mathematics. Sign up for the zoom links at www.iowamath.org.

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More News & Events

  1. Do you know a fabulous teacher that deserves to be acknowledged at the highest level? Consider the Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching (PAEMST): The Nation's Highest Honors for Teachers of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM, including Computer Science).

    This year's awards will honor science, technology, engineering, or mathematics teachers working in grades 7-12. Nominations close on January 9, 2023.

    Applications for 7-12th grade teachers are now open. Applications must be completed by February 6, 2023.

  2. Join ICTM in celebrating 55 years of supporting math teaching and learning in Iowa! "Invite the Math Pres to Math Class" is a campaign to spotlight all the great things happening in Iowa's K-16 math classrooms. Our goal is to visit 55 classrooms in the 2022-2023 school year! Share with us all the great thinking and reasoning happening! Highlight your growth as a math teacher and how you are making a difference! "Invite the Pres to Math Class" and share all the enthusiasm for learning math! Have you signed up yet? Sign up here

Thank you University of Northern Iowa math ed students and professors! The "Invite the Pres to Math Class" campaign kicked off with a visit to UNI's Wright Hall. Math Ed students welcomed the opportunity to learn about ICTM and chat with the ICTM President about their math ed courses and effective teaching practices. The day was busy with visits to four classes, lunch in the student lounge, and a Meet & Greet with Math Ed faculty. It was so great to talk with our future math educators!

Shout out to Bryant Elementary in Sioux City! "Invite the Pres to Math Class" visited Ms. Tomke's 2nd graders and Mr. Short's 5th graders. It was great to hear students' strategies for solving problems. 2nd graders worked on basic fact strategies and telling time. 5th graders used drawings and models to make sense of common denominators to add and subtract fractions and wrote equations to match the problems. Many great engagement strategies were used in both classes with lots of excitement for learning math at Bryant Elementary! Thank you, Ms. Vanderloo, Ms. Tomke, and Mr. Short for the invite.

"Invite the Pres" experienced a PRISMS virtual reality lesson with math students at Marshalltown High School! Students experienced a virus spreading through a community and used data to predict when hospitals would reach capacity. It was a powerful experience for visualizing and understanding exponential growth. The typical tasks of creating a table, graph and equation came alive in the virtual setting and deeper questions were interesting to probe with the ability to interact with the VR setting.

Professional Development Opportunities

  1. ICTM can help YOU fund a webinar, book study, event, or course. We have a Professional Development grant and we would like to give it to you! Check it out at here! Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, so apply now!

  2. Asking questions is an art form. As such it is a skill that is learned through practice and must be nurtured. Students that are taught how to ask questions become self-directed learners and have deeper more meaningful learning experiences. "The Art of Asking Questions: How to Train Students to Ask Questions" is a webinar hosted by the Global Math Department on Tuesday, December 13, 2022 at 9:00 PM (Eastern Time).  Recommended for 6-12 grades. Register here.

  3. Knowledgehook Signature Leadership Series, Karanga, and Salzburg Global Seminar have joined together to provide a series of professional learning webinars on Social Emotional Learning (SEL) for senior education leaders around the world. Andreas Schleicher will share with us some of the most recent findings on SEL, well-being and future skills. The discussion will center on how these findings relate to what was heard at the United Nations Transforming Education Summit in September 2022. The seminar on December 14, 2022, 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM EST is free, so register now!  Learn more about the Leadership Series Roundtable and Knowledgehook.

  4. 3-D Thursdays for Rural Educators  Join hosts Rachael Arens and Michael Guarraia at NASA’s Science Mission Directorate the first Thursday of each month from 7-8 pm CT as they present a webinar series for K-12 rural educators across the nation. The webinars highlight NASA’s assets and connect rural educators to resources, networking, and further professional development opportunities. Visit the NASA Community Page to watch former episodes and reach out to the guests for further resource information!

  5. Are you a Mathematics Coach/Curriculum Director or Leader? Then IA-NCSM is for you: IA-NCSM is the Iowa Affiliate of the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics for connecting, learning and leading the Iowa Mathematics Educator community. More details are posted on the website. In the meantimeJoin IA-NCSM to stay in the know!

  6. Did you know that Iowa Virtual Professional Learning offers anytime learning for Iowa license renewal credit?  Check out Foundations of Fractions and Christina Tondevold's Building Math Minds IntroductionInside this module will be links to the self-paced courses "Building Math Minds: Flexibility Formula for K-2nd" and "Building Math Minds: Flexibility Formula for 3rd-5th Grades".

  7. Looking for some great PD? Mark your calendar for the 2023 NCTM Virtual Conference (March 29 - April 1).

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