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We Invite you to Submit an Article for ICTM's Website

ICTM aspires to amplify the learning and growth of Iowa mathematics teachers as they seek to improve their practice. We know there are great things happening in Iowa mathematics classrooms, and we want to support sharing and learning from one another. We invite you to share what you are doing or how you support mathematics teaching and learning by writing an article!

We often hear from people say that they have no idea what they could write about. It’s not uncommon to feel like you don’t have anything interesting to share or that you’re not doing anything special. However, we know that’s not true because we see many people every year at the ICTM conference as well as the NCTM conference engaging in lively discussions about what they are learning and implementing.

We welcome article topics that give insight to your professional learning and experience in working to improve mathematics instruction and students’ mathematics learning experiences.

Most of us aren’t professional writers and don’t have a lot of time to work on something like this. However, we can all learn and benefit from each other's' work and experiences, so it is important to share. So when you imagine yourself writing an article, think about sitting down with a peer to share something you are excited about. That’s the kind of vibe we are imagining.

“Think Abouts” for article topics:

      • Reflect on the use of high-quality instructional materials that support implementation of the Iowa Core Math Standards or NCTM’s 8 Effective Teaching Practices.
      • Reflect on a professional learning experience that has inspired you to improve your instruction.
      • Reflect on teaching a major concept for your grade level or course. How are you teaching it now compared to how you might have taught it in the past? How have the math standards’ expectations influenced any changes you have made?
      • Reflect on a problem of practice. Describe the problem and what you are working on to address the concern and how it might impact your practice going forward (e.g., learning basic facts, difficulty learning fraction concepts, special education students’ access to grade level content, acceleration, master schedule, in that, daily class time is not long enough to support problem-based instruction).
      • Reflect on your experience in implementing a new curriculum. What have been the successes? challenges? How have you supported students?
      • Expand on your ICTM or NCTM conference presentation.
      • Reflect on typical student misconceptions on a topic and what you are doing to address it.
      • Write a book review of a professional book you would recommend.
      • Write a review of an ICTM or NCTM conference session you attended.

Criteria for article submission:

      • 500-2000 words
      • Include sources and/or site sources
      • Include links, photos where appropriate (if faces/names are included, submit permission-to-share form)
      • ICTM will not accept an article for publication whose purpose is to promote a product.

We fully understand and agree that the writing process can be intimidating. We don’t want anyone to decline sharing amazing things happening in mathematics teaching and learning because of this. There will be times when an article is short and sweet and other times when it will be more in depth. If you would find it helpful, we will work with you throughout the writing process to offer support and guidance.

Process to submit an article:

      1. Talk with our Article Editor about a topic or idea by sending us message.
      2. Develop a time frame for submission with our Article Editor and receive support through the writing process if you are interested.
      3. Receive feedback from our Article Editor and submit the final draft.
      4. We will post the article on the ICTM website and promote on our social media platforms.
      5. We will shower you with thanks and ask you to share your experience and encourage others to submit an article. We may even ask you to consider presenting at our annual fall conference if you are interested.

Let’s all learn and grow together as members of ICTM and this great mathematics community. We look forward to hearing from you!

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