ICTM has several quick announcements and reminders for March & April:

  1. Please help ICTM by filling out a 5 minute survey on what kinds of professional development activities you are looking for!

  2. Read about which bills affecting education are dead and which are still alive in the March Government Update

  3. Check out this great opportunity: a (free) course on Machine Learning that is open to HS teachers and HS students. NSF Fellowships will be available to support undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and high school teachers to attend the MMLDT-CSET Conference and Short Courses. Keep an eye on the website for details on funding.

  4. The 2nd annual “Social Justice and Equity in Education” conference is on April 14. Sign up today for this FREE conference before seats are gone. Conference Registration 

  5. Actuarial Cyence Challenge is April 21. Register your team ASAP. All information can be found hereFeel free to contact Dr. Rahul Parsa at raparsa@iastate.edu.  

  6. Check out the Assisting Students Struggling with Mathematics: Intervention in the Elementary Grades March 2021 report from the IES. Their practice guides are considered evidence-based as defined by ESSA.

  7. We have money!  Think about applying for one of our grants.

  8. Have you thought about writing for ICTM. We'd love to post vignettes of classroom teachers and what works in their classroom on our website.

  9. NCTM members are reminded to VOTE in the 2021 election. Not an NCTM member? It's a great time to join.

  10. Did you know that April is Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month?Read a book, play a game, design a t-shirt, create a poster, share a Mudd Math Fun Fact, or watch a video to celebrate MSAM.

  11. Do you have resources for data science?  We'd love to share them on our website.  Email us your ideas.

  12. Did you let your ICTM membership lapse?  Now is a great time to rejoin. It's also a great time to talk to your colleagues about joining ICTM. Remember, we offer individual memberships but also institutional memberships for elementary schools.
Do you have ideas for future emails, professional development activities, or website and social media posts? We'd love to hear from you; contact us at one of our email addresses.


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