August ICTM Newsletter 


As we plan for a new school year, we have a newsletter full of timely information. Read on!

New Events

  1. Get fired up! What do you love most about going back to school in the fall? Submit your response here and read all responses here.

  2. Know anyone starting their first year of teaching PK-12 mathematics this fall? Have them apply for our Marilyn Zweng First Year Teacher Grant. We are awarding up to 30 (yes, thirty!) grants of $200 - $250 to qualifying teachers. Applications are due August 15.

  3. ICTM is committed to providing connections, resources, and professional learning opportunities. Look for updates on our in-person fall 2022 conference "Building Connections: Math + More" which includes an online spring 2022 kick-off event.

  4. As you plan for this school year, check out ICTM's website for resources related to virtual and hybrid learning (many of which can be used face-to-face) and recommended websites (which include a number talk for each grade band).

  5. Interested in serving Iowa educators? The ICTM Governance Committee is composing a slate of candidates for the 2021 ICTM Executive Board Election. We are seeking nominations for four positions. Self nominations are encouraged!

  6. What is data science? Check out Jo Boaler and colleagues' "Explorations in Data Science: Youcubed Adaptable Curriculum" for high school at Don't forget: has great K-12 mathematics resources.

  7. Interested in updating your statistics and data science knowledge and resources? Check out the on-demand Amplifying Statistics and Data Science in Classrooms (grades 6-12) professional development series.  

  8. Continuing the Journey: Mathematics Learning 2021 and Beyond* is a new resource from NCTM, NCSM, and ASSM that can help guide school leaders as they prepare an environment for safe and supportive mathematics teaching and learning and promote a school structure that eliminates rather than solidifies challenges for all students.

  9. Read the book review of Pamela Harris' and Aris Winger's Asked and Answered: Dialogues on Advocating for Students of Color in Mathematics by Kate Degner. The title of the book says it all.

  10. Read a reflection by Lori Mueller, ICTM President, on talks by Robert Berry and Jessica Stovall at NCTM's Affiliate Leadership Conference.

  11. Read a summary of ICTM's summer book study on Iowa mathematics educator Beth Rondeau Deacon's Seven Doors In, which is being made into a video series! Keep an eye out for a fall study on this book (licensure renewal credit is optional).

  12. Attending NCTM's Annual Meeting in Atlanta, September 22-25? Think about writing a reflection for ICTM's website about your Aha! or memorable moments from the Meeting. 

  1. Plan ahead! Check out all of our grants and watch the NCTM & ICTM Grant Writing video that highlights ways to use grant money. Grants include support for conferences, curriculum development, extra-curricular events, and advanced tuition. 

  2. Did you let your ICTM membership lapse?  Now is a great time to rejoin. It's also a great time to talk to your colleagues about joining ICTM. Remember, we offer individual memberships but also institutional memberships for elementary schools.

Do you have ideas for future newsletter, professional development activities, or website and social media posts? We'd love to hear from you; contact us at one of our email addresses.


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