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Iowa Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Resources from the Kentucky Center for Mathematics by Lori Mueller

23 Nov 2021 2:49 PM | Wendy Weber (Administrator)

Are you looking for a good place to go for resources for your classroom? Kentucky Center for Mathematics has several resources available to you on their website. There are resources for Algebra including rich mathematical tasks and suggestions for implementing them. As well as instructional routines and lesson exemplars.

There are three curricular units on learning mathematics through representations. The units cover fractions, positive integers, and negative integers.

One section is printable items such as dot cards, arrow cards, number lines, and even fun math signs to hang in your room or use as a slide in a slide deck. The list of printable items is way to long to include in this message.

Those of you that teach online will find their section on virtual math resources to be very helpful, but any teacher would be able to make use of these online resources.

Also included on this site are resources for Family Math. These are things that can be sent home for families to use, or they can be used for a Family Math Night at the school.

Coaches will find a section just for them with helpful resources for your instructional coach toolbox.

This is the link to these resources. Have fun exploring!

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