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ICTM History

On October 21st, 1966, the Iowa Association of Mathematics Teachers organization was renamed The Iowa Council of Teachers of Mathematics (ICTM), and ICTM's Constitution was adopted on October 19th, 1967. 

ICTM is an affiliate of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM). Historical records are fuzzy on when ICTM became an affiliate. NCTM records show it was 1938, well before ICTM adopted its constitution in 1967, while some ICTM records indicate it might have been around the time the constitution was adopted.  We may never know for sure!

ICTM has had three logos during its history:



 1972 - 19801980-2020  2020 - present

ICTM's  first president, Don Wiederanders (1926-2014), served ICTM as president for two terms: 1967 and 1972-1973. Don taught  in the public schools of Iowa before joining the faculty of the Malcolm Price Laboratory School at the University of Northern Iowa (1958-1991). 

Many dedicated educators have served as president of ICTM over the years:

Don Wiederanders (1967)

George Immerzeel  (1968)

Les Graham (1969-1970)

Marilyn Zweng (1971)

Don Wiederanders (1972-1973)

Dave Duncan (1974-1975)

Tom Meskel (1976-1977)

Bonnie Litwiller (1978-1979)

Bill Rudolph (1980-1981)

Hal Schoen (1982-1983)

Dean Mohr (1984-1985)

Lyle Baker (1985-1986)

Karen Dotseth (1986-1987)

Tonya Dessert Urbatsch (1988-1989)

Diane Lee Baum (1990-1991)

Edward C. Rathmell (1992-1993)

Patsy Fagan (1994-1995)

Larry Osthus (1996-1998)

Marv Kramer (1998-2000)

Rose Zbiek (2000-2002)

Maureen Busta (2002-2004)

Deb Tvrdik (2004-2006)

Cheryl Ross (2006-2008)

Judy Slezak (2008-2010)

Ruth Avazian (2010-2012)

Sue Runyon (2012-2013)

Megan Balong (2014 - 2015)

Brooke Fischels (2016 - 2017)

Deidra Baker (2018 - 2019)

Lori Mueller (2020 -  )

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