Have you Heard of MTBoS and the Global Math Department? by Sarah Martin

18 Oct 2020 6:26 PM | Wendy Weber (Administrator)

Have you ever heard of MTBoS?

MTBoS stands for “Math Twitter Blog-o-Sphere'' and is a community of math teachers who blog and tweet. However, it’s way more than that! The MTBoS website has a directory of community members you can follow via Twitter. There is a search engine to search blogs on specific topics written by members of the community. There is also a Desmos bank to search for Desmos activities that have been made by members of the community. Another great thing about MTBoS is if you need help you can tweet with the hashtag #MTBoS. You will likely have an answer or suggestion in a matter of minutes, and if not then, at least by the end of the day.

The Global Math Department is another helpful resource. This group began with teachers who knew each other through Twitter, blogs, and Twitter Math Camp. It has since grown into a wide range of math educators who love to share their ideas with others. They have a weekly newsletter with bits of information that mainly come from Twitter. They also have a free weekly math webinar. I encourage you to explore their site and subscribe to their weekly newsletter.

Both the MTBoS and the Global Math Department have been great providers of information for me as a math teacher. They have also helped shape me into the math teacher I am today.

Sarah Martin
7th Grade Math Teacher
Shenandoah Middle School

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