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Iowa Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Welcome back to school for 2022-2023 from the IDE Mathematics Consultant

3 Sep 2022 11:42 AM | April Pforts (Administrator)

Welcome back to school for the 2022-2023 Iowa school year!

It is my honor and privilege to serve the state as the mathematics consultant at the Iowa Department of Education. One of the unique privileges this role has, is to belong to the professional organization, the “Association of State Supervisors of Mathematics,” which is also known as ASSM. ASSM is similar to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics or NCTM and National Council of Supervisor of Mathematics or NCSM. Each of these professional organizations provides the collective efficacy for mathematics educators across this nation to improve student outcomes, or as I like to call them, students’ hopes and dreams for their futures.

Did you know that Iowa has an affiliate of each of these organizations, well not for ASSM because that would be a group of just myself, but they do for NCTM and NCSM, which are known as the Iowa Council of Teachers of Mathematics (ICTM) and the Iowa Affiliate of the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics (IA-NCSM). These organizations work in tandem to provide professional learning communities and opportunities for mathematics educators across the state. This means that ICTM and IA-NCSM are the collective efficacy for Iowa mathematics educators to improve student outcomes in mathematics so students can fulfill their hopes and dreams without mathematics being a barrier.

The collective efficacy of ICTM and IA-NCSM, make these two organizations two of the most important organizations in Iowa mathematics education. This fact is why I serve as the secretary for both ICTM and IA-NCSM and these organizations are so very near and dear to my heart. Another very significant reason that these professional organizations are extremely important is because they help to recognize the state finalists for the Presidential Award of Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teacher or PAEMST. This is the highest honor and recognition that a mathematics teacher can receive! Did you know that the state awardees, funded from the national level, also get a trip to Washington, D.C., and $10,000 to use any way they choose?

See the 2022 ICTM Conference information below and my “Call to Action,” and I will look for YOU on October 15 for the best ICTM Conference ever! Lastly, I want to say “THANK YOU!,” for continuing to teach so students can fulfill their hopes and dreams without mathematics being a barrier. “I appreciate YOU!,” and all you do to be part of the collective efficacy! Humbly at your service~April Pforts, IA’s State Supervisor of Mathematics,

1.ICTM Conference – October 15

a.Join ICTM

b.Register for the Conference – 4-nationally recognized speakers

c.Spread the Word: Flyer, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

2.IA-NCSM – October 15

a.Join IA-NCSM

b.Conference Sessions

c.Save the Date – Relicensure Credit

3.PAEMST – Open now

a.Nominate an educator

b.Apply yourself

c.Find Iowa Awardees


Call to Action:

1.Join one or both ICTM and IA-NCSM today!

2.Plan to attend the conference on October 15!

3.Spread the word on social media!



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